Keith Alan is a versatile voice over actor and broadcast professional with a broad range of voices and characters.  With over 20 years of experience as a voice over artist, Keith has lent his voice to hundreds of projects for TV, film, and radio and voiced dozens of industrial narratives for major brands like Disney, Olive Garden and Belkin.  Keith Alan Productions, Inc. delivers professional voice-over and fully produced audio productions in digital broadcast quality.  Whether your script needs a natural sounding, warm, male voice, something with energy, attitude or animated characters, Keith's broad range adapts to the scene and mood of the message making him a virtual voice over vault and a communicator who can effectively deliver your message.

In addition to being a voice over artist, Keith Alan has established himself internationally as one of the premier hosts and reporters in action, outdoors and lifestyle sports events and programs.  With over a decade of experience hosting, reporting and calling the action at some of the world's biggest events including the Olympics, X Games and Bassmaster Classic.  Recognized as the VOICE OF THE ACTION at major sporting events around the world, Keith Alan was cast as himself in the feature film “Motocrossed,” still airing on the Disney Channel.  In 2008, Keith was again cast as himself, an ESPN commentator, in the Bill Engval comedy, “Bait Shop”.


Over 20 years of experience as talent, producer and director have helped develop a spontaneous and entertaining personality with a broad range of voices and characters.  From corporate events to world class sports, music and lifestyle television, Keith Alan has been bringing audiences around the world to the edges of their collective seats.  

With the eyes and ears of a producer and the heart of a ring master, Keith Alan communicates to audiences with a natural style and delivery. His experience, his energy, his ability to relate to mass audiences and his natural style of communicating to them, make him a Master of Infotainment.

Contact Information

phone:  407.493.4201

fax: 407.240.6988


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